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🎧 Episode #23 | Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with Cooper Turley (AKA @Coopahtroopa)

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Cooper Turley is an Advisor to Audius, the Variant Fund, and DeFiant News. He’s also a leader in several of the most well-known DAOs.

DAOs are internet communities with a shared cap table and bank account.

Cooper Turley leads a handful of online communities known as DAOs. "DAO" is an acronym that stands for a decentralized autonomous organization. In more colloquial terms, a DAO is an internet community with a shared cap table and bank account. They are the next evolution in humanity’s ability to coordinate large groups of people. First we had the family. Then we had the tribe, town, nation-state, and then the multi-national corporation…. Finally, we now have the DAO. They represent our newest structure for cooperative decision making.

Cooper joined us for a live episode last week to help explain why DAOs are exploding in popularity. In our discussion, he explained their governance structures, described the different types of DAOs, made some predictions for the future, and answered some wide-ranging questions from our live audience. They are a powerful new mechanism for coordinating humans at scale. If they work as intended, we could be seeing the rise of a new way of organizing people that might last for centuries. We hope you enjoy!

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🎧 Episode #24 | Training Emotional Fitness with Dr. Emily Anhalt

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Dr. Emily Anhalt is the Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder of Coa. She also has 12 years of clinical experience working with tech executives and founders.

How do you build a gym for your mental health?

Dr. Emily Anhalt is a psychologist, emotional fitness consultant, and the Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Coa, which describes itself as building a gym for your mental health.

Today's conversation is about how to train for emotional fitness. Just like trainers at a traditional gym might rotate clients between a leg day, chest day, and shoulder day, Dr. Anhalt and her colleagues have developed classes to train different traits of emotional fitness like resilience, empathy, and self-awareness.

In addition to discussing what exactly goes into performing the equivalent of an emotional push-up, we dive into how the pandemic has influenced the mental health landscape, analyze the stigma around seeking help, and compare & contrast in-person therapy with virtual options.

For the past twelve years, Dr. Anhalt has been working clinically with executives, founders, and tech employees, and has conducted extensive research with prominent psychologists and entrepreneurs about how leaders can improve their emotional fitness. She and Coa are also partnered with On Deck Health. She draws on her deep experience repeatedly throughout the episode.

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  • @dremilyanhalt is active on Twitter

  • You can learn more about Coa at joincoa.com

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